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On any keying requests that involves anything besides keying an individual order alike. The customer must call us at 859-336-0555 and notify us immediately after placing the order. Even if you put this information in the "Special Comments" section during checkout, we must still be notified by phone for clarification. Otherwise, special keying requests other than keying an individual order alike will not be guaranteed to be honored.

Q: How do I get all of my locks keyed alike when placing an order?
A: As long as you order all of your keyed locks from us at the same time, we will automatically key them all to match the same key for free.

Q: I have a lock with a Kwikset keyway already installed and would like a new lock keyed with the same key to put on another door. How can I have this done?
A: We will need a copy of a your existing key. You will need to place your order, then immediately call Customer Service at 859-336-0555 to put a hold on your order until we get your existing key.

Q: Can I send you another lock that I have previously purchased to have it keyed to the order I want to place with you?
A: Yes. It will need to have a Kwikset keyway and an original key for that lock. We cannot re-key a previous lock for free. All of the items purchased with us will be keyed for free at the time of purchase. Otherwise, there will be a $5.00 per lock charge on all re-keying to a lock that either wasn't purchased from us, or wasn't purchased from us on a current order. To have this done, you will need to place your order, then immediately call Customer Service at 859-336-0555 to arrange for the special keying.

Q: How many keys will come with my order if I order entry locks from Discount Home Furnishings Inc?
A: This depends on exactly what you are ordering. If you need a count on how many keys will come with your order, please send a list of what you are wanting to order to us at and please include your phone # in case we have any questions. You can also call us Monday thru Friday (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) at 859-336-0555.

Q: I would like to place my order with Discount Home Furnishings Inc, but would like to have some items keyed to one key and other items keyed to another key. How do I make arrangements for this to get done?
A: Please call Customer Service at 859-336-0555 immediately after you place your order to let us know. This is the most effective way to get this done. And by the way, it's FREE.

Q: I need Master Keying done for an apartment complex, hotel, motel, office building, etc. Is this free and how can make arrangements for this type of keying?
A: Master Keying is NOT free. You will need to call Customer Service at 859-336-0555 or E-mail a list of what you are wanting to order to and get a custom keying quote.

Q: None of the above Q & A's answered my questions, what should I do?
A: Please feel free to give Customer Service a call at 859-336-0555 or e-mail at and we will be more than happy to assist you.