Q: Will my door locks be keyed alike?
A: Yes. All items placed on the same order will automatically be keyed alike. This applies if you order 2 or more. If you need the items keyed in a way that differs from the standard, you will need to notify us of this before the items are shipped.

Q: I already have existing hardware in my home, can I order items that are keyed to match what I already have?
A: If your existing hardware uses a Kwikset keyway, we will be able to key new items to match what you already have. Our items use Kwikset style keyways and they are not compatible with any other keyway (Schlage, Yale, Weiser, etc.) . To have items keyed to match your existing hardware you will need to contact us. This method sometimes requires a key to be mailed to us.

Q:How long does shipping take?
A: Our standard shipping will arrive to you within 5-7 business days. This excludes any holidays or weekend. *Standard shipping applies to the continental US (excludes AK, HI and PR)

Q: Can I expedite an order?
A: Yes. In most cases we are able to expedite orders. To do this we will need to know exactly what you need to order and where the items will we shipped. In this case, we will give you a personalized shipping quote that will need to be paid prior to shipment. Availability and cost will vary.

Q: What shipping service do you use?
A: We ship using the United States Postal Service (Post Office) and UPS. Depending what items are ordered and where they are shipped will determine which shipping service is used.

Q: Can I have items shipped Internationally?
A: We do offer some international shipments depending on the what is ordered and the region to which the items will be delivered. If interested in an international order please contact us at sales@discounthomefurnishings.com.

Q:What are the cabinet knobs/pulls made of?
A: Most of our cabinet hardware is casted zinc. However, we offer bar pulls made of steel and stainless steel. As well as glass knobs which are comprised of a combination of glass and zinc. 

Q: Are the door levers reversible?
A: All of our door levers are reversible with the exception of:
   Kingston Dummy / Handleset Interior
   80 Series Dummy / Handleset Interior

Q: How do I reverse a door lever?
A: To reverse a passage/privacy/dummy lever:
   The lever will come with a small hex wrench. Use this to loosen the small set screw located under the door lever. Once this is loosened you will be able to remove the lever from the shaft and reverse the direction. You can then use the set screw and hex wrench to reassemble the lever.
B: To reverse an entry lever:
   It will be easiest to do this while the lever is installed. The interior side of the lever has a turn lever for locking and unlocking purposes. This turn lever will need to be at a 45 degree angle (diagonal). Once this is done, you can press the small button that is located on the shaft the lever on the exterior side. This will then release both sides and you can then reverse the direction.

Q: Can I find these items locally / Do you price match?
A: We operate online only. Our products are offered online only and will not be found in local stores. Unfortunately, we are not able to price match.